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Currently, when you pick the currency label format in KPI and Charts it defaults to the $.  Need the ability to set the...
Ideas #Visualizations
Currently, if you have a series of data that has null values (such as year to date versus full last year), the line chart...
Ideas #Visualizations
When you pull data into an advanced report,  the dashboard filters or passing data from a drill-down parent report can...
Ideas #Builder
Currently, the pivot grid column headers are named based on mathematical function being performed (ie sum of Sales). The...
Currently, when you union multiple reports there is no way to set the order and the only way to do it is to delete and...
Ideas #Builder
Instead of having to export data from Yurbi into Excel,  it would be nice to have an Add-in which can directly connect and...
Ideas #Library
The ability for DashboardFox to consume data directly from an API so that reporting from Cloud Services can be direct...
Ideas #App Registration
Currently, Yurbi can import data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, a nice feature would be to integrate with Google Sheets...
Ideas #App Registration
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